Visual Art

Visual Art 2018


Children across the school have been learning about Abstract Art and different famous artists who favoured an abstract style.


Wattle 4, 5 and 6 have been learning about artists such as Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee.  Wattle 2 and Sheoak 6 have been learning about Henri Matisse and Banksia 5 and 6 have been looking at Wassily Kandinsky and Op Artists such as Victor Vasarley and Bridget Riley.


Mondrian is famous for his designs that consist only of horizontal and vertical lines, squares and rectangles and use just the primary colours.  He aimed to achieve perfect harmony in the placement of lines and colours and this is what the Year 1’s and 2’s attempted, as they sectioned off their pages with black strips and painted the shapes created inside.


Klee was known for his colourful, highly original and often childlike drawings and paintings.  Wattle groups had fun trying to find common subject matter in Klee’s art work, which might just look like lots of colourful shapes arranged together. On close inspection, we found his work contained faces, animals and cityscapes or places.   Klee’s paintings Castle and Sun and Red Balloon provided inspiration for the children in creating their own cityscape, far-away land or castle-themed work.


Matisse’s art styles changed throughout his lifetime.  In later life, Matisse developed a new art form that he referred to as painting with scissors where he cut out pre-painted paper into cheerful, whimsical shapes that were then arranged to make his compositions.  It is this collage style that S6 and W2 have been exploring. 


Titles for their arrangements include Under the Deep, Dark Depths of the Sea and In the Garden.


The older children have been listening to music be Wagner and Ravel as they attempted to record what they could hear or see using a visual notation of lines and shapes in the style of Kandinsky, who thought of his paintings as being like musical compositions.  The children were encouraged to use colours and shapes as a way to express emotions and feelings.


B5 and B6 have also been exploring how optical illusions can trick the brain and eyes into seeing 3D form on a flat piece of paper.


For those of you who might not know, Sculpture by the Sea returns to Cottesloe Beach this Friday and continues until the 19th of March.


This is a fabulous free opportunity to see 73 sculptures from local as well as interstate and international artists.  Keep your eyes out for Elyssa Sykes Smith’s entry entitled Layered Potential (No. 7).  It is suspended between two Norfolk Pine trees on the grassed area.  It is Elyssa’s sculpture, from last year’s exhibition, that hangs from our school’s Administration block. 


Nyoongah artist, Sharyn Egan also has an exhibit this year.  Sharyn came to our school last year to teach the children bush basketry.


Mrs Perna

Art Specialist