Banksia 6

                        Banksia 6        Mr Tisdale / Mrs Sumastra





Battle Robots in Banksia 6



Throughout the term the students in Banksia Six have been researching, designing and building battle robots using the Edison robots as a platform. They have explored the use of the bar codes to program their robots to operate in different modes such as follow a line, stay within the boundaries and wrestle! The students have had to work hard to overcome problems with connecting materials to defend their robot and enable it to attack other robots. Use of levers, motorised spinning objects and pushing rods were some features developed and used.



On Monday and Tuesday we held the grand robot battle competition where all students placed their battle bots in the arena and set the mode to wrestle. The excitement and enjoyment students’ received out of seeing their inventions destroy or be destroyed was fantastic.  No doubt this will be a memorable moment for our young designers and lead to even more innovative and creative technological designs. 



Mr Tisdale


Banksia 6 Teacher