Banksia 5

Banksia 5

                                                       Mrs Simon and Ms Eversden


Digital Technology in B5


In B5 this term the students have been learning about how to program Robots. They started by getting to know Sophia the first robot Citizen and starting to think about how artificial intelligence will impact our lives and the lives of everyone in the world in the future.

The class have discussed and done presentations on the Positives and Negatives of AI in our world in groups.


After they understood what an Algorithm was they then started doing Course A coding from on the Ipads. The students really started to get excited to play with Dash one of the Robots we have here at Bull Creek. Each student created coding using Blockly and the aim was to get Dash the robot to follow directions on a simple course using angles and lengths. Most students were successful on their first attempt. Only a few needed a second or third try.


B5 have discovered that learning about robots is a lot of fun and B5 students are loving exploring the world of code and programming more difficult courses now.


Ms Eversden

Banksia Five Teacher on Monday’s