Banksia 4

Banksia 4     Mrs Twist




This term all of Banksia read the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes as a novel study. Mrs Williams was a superstar and organised a joint origami project to fold over a thousand paper cranes which are on display in the library.



B4’s Haiku’s


Her strength has left her


She is afraid of dying


She never was 12.





Kenji knew it all


He had accepted his fate


The Gods just gave up


- Jacob



Sadako is like a whirlwind


Sadako supports Kenji


Cranes patterned all around


- Ruhena




B5 Responses


Ruby  – I thought Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes was a very sad and emotional story. I thought it was so nice that people gave her beautiful paper so she could make paper cranes.


Anna – I thought that it was really sad, but majestically told in a way that made it beautiful. Most aspects of it were good but some bits made me feel a lot of pity.


Nitya- It is an inspiring book that tells us to always keep trying and to achieve your goals.




B6 Responses


Annabelle  - It was very interesting. I felt sorry for Sadako because she tried so hard, had hope and spirt so she wouldn’t die.


Cate – I felt very sad for Sadako. It made me imagine what Sadako felt.


Josiah – Sadako is remembered at Peace Day. She built hope. I felt sad for her.




Mrs Twist, Mrs Sumastra and Mr Tisdale


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