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The start of 2018 has been “chilly” in Sheoak 6! Not only do we have a new air conditioner, but, we have followed the Olympians striving for GOLD at the 2018 Winter Olympics. We learnt about the countries and athletes involved in this Olympics and from the past.


Our “Winter Olympics” assembly item was met with much laughter (thank you parents!) and proud tears from Miss Francis and Ms Piani throughout the beautiful song “Believe In Yourself” (we can’t help ourselves!).


Ms Francis and Ms Piani


Sheoak 6 Teachers




Noah’s Assembly Recount (Year 3)


Today we had our class assembly. It was the first assembly of 2018. Our assembly was all about the Winter Olympics.


My part in the assembly was a speed skater. I was Australian Steven Bradbury. The other many speed skaters were; Oscar, Jude, Georgia and Jasper. The countries were Canada, China, South Korea, Australia and the USA.


One event in our assembly was the Jamaican Bobsled Team. The many bobsledders were Charvi, Yanson, Aidan and Ryan. Another event was Torvill and Dean, who were Rosie and Amelia. The last event was the Curling. The curling teams were from Canada, South Korea and Australia. The Australians won!


On the assembly day, I was very nervous but excited too. When I got on the stage, my bike helmet made my head itchy. So when we said the School Creed and the National Anthem, I got itchy and distracted. When I started my act I got butterflies in my whole entire body. At the end of the act I heard everybody clapping and laughing. I wasn’t nervous anymore.


I felt happy and glad that my mum and my dad could come. My favourite part was when the Jamaican Bobsled Team came up and kept crashing.


Enjoy the rest of your Winter Olympics!




Ms Francis and Ms Piani

Sheoak 6 Teachers