Sheoak 5

Sheoak 5        Mr Ellis


Wow! Is term over already?! This term we’ve learnt new and interesting topics and participated in fun events. Here are some of our highlights.



We endured tough training sessions in preparation for the Cross Country Carnival. On carnival day, we, the Year Fours, had to run 1.5 km. The year Ones and Twos ran 1 km, the Year Threes ran 1.5 km too, and the Year Fives and Sixes ran 2km! It was a very tiring race. This year was very difficult because lots of people got faster! Three members in S5 received medals. (Sophia, Heidi and Judah!)



Back in our classroom, we’re learning about the Early Explorers. We focused on an Explorer named Captain James Cook. He discovered New Zealand and Terra Australis which is now known as Australia. We learned that his ship was called The Endeavour as also seen on our school badge. The Endeavour is also known as The HM Bark Endeavour. When we had the Ipads, we researched the world map and we drew the Northern Hemisphere. We even drew how we would have thought the Southern Hemisphere would have looked like if we were an Early Explorer.



Mr Ellis gave us a technology assessment in the library. We googled and went on play lab. You had to move your character by connecting different blocks together. You can make them speak, shoot balls and many other things. It is really fun playing with it, although sometimes it can be quite hard to move your character.



This term, we were introduced to a new form of writing known as Informative writing. Informative writing is a text that tells you about something. This text includes facts. Facts are true things. The text can also have an opinion. An opinion is something you think, but isn’t necessarily true. We were given a choice of five topics to write about. It was a bit hard, but it was fun.



We have had an AWESOME time this term! We can’t wait until next term!



By Sophia, Jiyeong and Ella!


Sheoak 5 Students