Wattle 3


This term we have been learning about Chinese New Year. These are some of the things we have learnt;


Victoria – Chinese New Year we all get lanterns outside to play with.


Owen – There are dragon dances.


Mahik – Many people celebrate Chinese New Year


Ayla, Chelsey and Aldrich – The house gets cleaned the day before Chinese New Year to clean away the bad luck.


Mac, Rian and Sharlein – Red is a lucky colour.


Abbey – Grandmas give oranges out for good luck.


Lucas – There are lots of fire crackers.


Emily, Elora and Chanul – People give red envelopes to their kids, with money in them, for good luck.


Loella – At the end of the Chinese New Year they have a lantern walk.


Brendon, Tom and Lachie – The number 8 is lucky and 4 is unlucky.


Arsh - Everyone does things to get good luck.


Quinn – On the last day of Chinese New Year there is a full moon.



Mrs Allier

Wattle 3 Teacher