Wattle 7



‘Welcome to Wattle 7’ and ‘Oh the places you will go’ said the sign on our door. We wondered what our Pre-Primary year would have in store. So in we came, all twenty four, with new school supplies, bags, drink bottles and parents galore. Mrs Toner and Mrs Armstrong were so happy to meet us they stood at the door excitedly greeting us. Then we met Ms Colgan (German), Mr Tisdale (Science), Mr Hoffmeester (Phys Ed), Ms Pratt (Art), Ms Eversden and Mr Marshall (Music) too-all of whom are teaching us something new. We wondered what we might learn each day and we could not wait to get on our way. Since then we’ve met new friends and we’ve already learnt so much. Each day we are learning how to work and play together by sharing, being kind and helping each other. We really are a class like no other! We are learning our alphabet sounds through Jolly Phonics where we do actions and sing. It really is the most amazing thing! In Maths we have learnt about number, shape and size. Our knowledge is growing before our very eyes! We have learnt about our own family tree and know now what living things need. We have also been exploring books by Dr Seuss. In our class he’s been really let loose! We made Cat in the Hat hats and wrote words that rhyme. Mrs Toner said ‘Wow’. ‘I wonder what can you do next ?’ ‘You are so very clever, you really are the best’ All too soon we will be wondering about Year 1. ‘Not quite yet’ said Mrs Toner. ‘Our learning journey has just begun there’s more amazing learning to be done and we are having way too much fun!’


Mrs Toner

Wattle 7 Teacher