Wattle 8

Wattle 8

                                                                  Ms Abbott





In Digital Technologies we have discovered Buzzing Bee-Bots. Before our Bee-Bots arrived we used the

Bee-Bots app on the iPads. We learnt how to program the Bee-Bots to go forwards and backwards and to turn right and left. When the real ones arrived we were so excited. We explored the real Bee-Bots and discovered we  were able to make them move along different paths with our coding knowledge. In our lesson today, we had to program our Bee-Bots to help a cow along a pathway to find his food. We were all successful in solving the problem by helping the cow reach her destination.  We love our Bee-Bots.



“I love that the Bee-Bots have buttons on them and I can move them around.” Ella



“I like them because you can spin them and turn them.” Wesley


“I like to press the button and then press go to move them.” Nicholas


“I can press the buttons and they can move” Joshua


“It moves when you press the go button.” Kyra