Wattle 6

Wattle 6

               Wattle 6 Mrs Austin / Mrs Darbyshire


In Wattle 6 we have been learning about the PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE. We have been looking at the ways school has changed from THEN to NOW and the changes in jobs over time.


Through our musical play based on Matilda we shared at our assembly some of these changes. We discovered that some very important jobs from the past no longer exist. The disappearance of these jobs is simple……..”Technology” has taken over.



Wattle 6 has worked out that by the time we graduate from University it will be another 15 years away. That will take us to the Year 2032. WOW!!! Below we have shared with you a few jobs we would like to do when we grow up. These jobs don’t even exist yet but we have been thinking hard and we are going to be ready to take over this world and lead it in the right direction.



Millen - When I grow up I want to be a Patoo. A Patoo is a person who tickles people and makes others happy. As the saying goes “laughter is the best medicine” so come and see me and I will make sure you are happy and healthy.



Rian - When I grow up I want to be an inventor. I will invent robots that will teach the children in schools. There will be no need for humans to be teachers anymore. Sorry teachers!



Mahik - When I grow up I want to be a scientist and build a travel machine. I will invent teleportation. I will make a time traveller where people can travel from one hemisphere to the other in just 10 minutes. My job will be to help people travel faster and further in the shortest possible time.




Mrs Kalli-Anne Austin and Mrs Deb Darbyshire


Year 1 Teachers