Wattle 4



On the 27th March Wattle 3 and 4 went to Brockman Park on a bus to explore the Bull Creek wetlands.




Firstly our group saw some Banksia, Sheoak, Wattle plants, a lizard that was rustling in the long tall grass and a stink bug.




My Pop was the leader of the group with Alex’s Dad. Our group was called F Troup. We saw the creek run under two bridges. When we reached the end of the path we saw some tiles that were made in 1945, another lizard and some totem poles.




When we got at the end of the creek we saw some tadpoles that were barely visible and then we had to go back to the start to go on the bus back to school.




I felt happy the entire trip. I also felt hot and energy less.




By Michael




Mrs Austin and Mrs Pinker


Wattle 4