Wattle 5

Wattle 5


Wattle 5

                                                              Ms Bolton


Wattle Five’s Assembly: The Little Red Hen



Bianca: I loved it when Hunter bumped the microphone over.


Yaahini: I loved telling my chicken joke!


Michael: My favourite part was dancing to ‘Who Let the


Dogs Out’.


Jude: I enjoyed being Mr. Henny Penny and I loved the music!


Alicia: I liked singing the cat song.


Elijah: I loved rolling the dough.


Kelly: I enjoyed the whole show!


Mackinley: I liked quacking like a duck.


Ayla: I liked it when Ms. Bolton muddled up the music.


Loella: I loved doing ‘The Chicken Dance’.


James: I enjoyed teaching the school about ducks.






Damien: I enjoyed the song called ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’.


Melody: My best part was when Yaahini did the chicken joke.


Eva: I enjoyed singing ‘Old Macdonald had a Farm’.


Lachlan: I loved all the music.


Hunter: I liked it when Arsh, Michael, Joshua and I went crazy.


Tanya: My best bit was when the dogs danced and dug for bones.


Layla:  I enjoyed using my best voice on the stage.


Arsh: I loved it when we danced to ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’.


Sophia: I loved being Mrs. Henny Penny and going to the mill.


Joshua: I loved being a dog and singing ‘Who Let the Dogs out’.


Chelsey: I was a beautiful mouse in the play.