Wattle 1

Wattle 1             Mrs Hutchin / Mrs Colgan


We’ve been learning about being healthy this term. We know how important it is to eat healthy foods and to exercise regularly.




Our assembly last Friday was based around our healthy living theme. We performed a short play and read a poem about the yummy and healthy foods we can eat to make us feel our best.




Our healthy living theme continued during the day with our school’s ‘jump off’ for Jump Rope for Heart. It was a very successful event with money raised going to a very worthy cause.




It was a fun day for all with a very important message about looking after ourselves by keeping healthy inside and out.




In Paths we have been learning about “friendships”.


Here are some statements of what friendship means to children in W1:


*Someone we like to play with and is fair and takes turns. *Someone who makes us happy and feel special and important. *Someone who sticks up for us.
*Someone who listens and makes us laugh when we are sad. *Someone who shares.
*Someone who gives us compliments. *Someone who helps us.




Mrs Hutchin and Mrs Colgan


Wattle 1 Teachers