Wattle 1

Wattle 1             Mrs Pinker



Learning from the Past to Plan for the Future.


This term we have been learning about how things change over time and how some things stay the same. We have looked at changes and similarities in school, toys, transport and music. Then we looked ahead to the future and worked in our learning teams to design a toy of the future. Here is what we created.

Our learning team was called ‘Flaming Rock Star Frogs’. We designed the Flying Scooter. This creation can play music while you fly. (Aditya, Poppy, Sarah)


Our learning team was called ‘The Eagles’. We designed RH which stands for Robot Help. RH can help you with anything you need and it has a backup battery so it never runs out of power. (Dylan, Jeremy A, Matthew, Ryder)

Our learning team

was called ‘Boom’. We designed the Super Sport Car. It is a transforming, flying car that is remote controlled. It uses magnetic repulsion forces in its wheels to fly. (Connor, Elijah, Jay, Sammy)

Our learning team was called ‘Billabong’. We designed the Giant Dancing Ted. It has lots of comfort features like a nightlight, it plays soft music and it gives you big hugs if you are sad. It can also dance with you when you are happy. (Jeremy C, Lola, Yaahini)


Our learning team was called ‘Money Bunnies’. We designed the Electronic Flying Scooter. This amazing flying scooter also has special safety features including brakes, a seat belt and a metal shield so you can’t fall off. (Esteanne, Jasmin, Kelly, Layla)


Our learning team was called ‘The Enchanted Dragons’. We designed the Kid Copter. The Kid Copter is a special helicopter that children can ride in and fly themselves. It has a height restriction so it can’t go too high. (Domenic, Sophia, Talia, Zachary)


Mrs Pinker

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