Celebration Night - Friday 7 December 2018 
Note – All children must wear their runners and girls must have their hair tied up.

Kindy - Bright coloured plain t-shirt (any colour) and denim shorts.
Pre Primary - Plain yellow T-shirt with 3 black horizontal stripes made from black gaffer tape (Bumble Bees), Black pants or leggings,No headbands or head accessories please!
LDC - Plain white T-shirt and coloured bandana either tied around their head, neck or hips, Black pants or leggings.
Year 1 & Year 1/2 (W6 & W5) - School Shorts, Plain red t-shirt with a large yellow letter “A” made from yellow cloth tape. Cloth tape is available from Bunnings.
Year 2 - School shorts and White T-shirt with a big cut out of a question mark stuck on. All different colours, using whatever materials spare hanging around the class room. Make sure it’s BIG so it can be seen.
Year 3 - School sports shorts, Plain bright green T-shirt and a wooden spoon.
Year 3/4 - Schools shorts and coloured Faction T-shirt, Coloured Trumpet.
Year 4 - Bright/Neon/Funky Patterned coloured shorts and t-shirt, Crazy/Funky hair.
Year 5 - Plain coloured shorts and t-shirt (any colour), Tie a flannel shirt around your waist (any colour).
Year 5/6 - Punk/Glam Rock - Boys blue and black and girls pink and black colour theme. Be creative! NO wigs please.
Year 6 - Black, white & grey colour theme.